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My Camera Gear

***What’s in my Bag?***


I primarily shoot with the Canon 5D Mark II.  This is a Full Frame EOS DSLR Camera Body.

For maximum quality, color, and clarity, Professional Photographers will want to shoot with a Full Frame DSLR.

My back up camera is a Canon EOS 7D


My Favorite Go To Lens is the Canon EF 50mm

My secondary lens is the Canon EF STM 24-105mm

Taken with my Canon 5D Mark II and 50mm lens.


Taken with my Canon 5D Mark II and 24-105mm lens.


I do recommend getting used equipment when you start out.  Especially if you can snag a used Full Frame DSLR.

However, if a full frame and a good lens is not in your budget then going for a less expensive used DSLR and investing in a good lens instead could be to your benefit.

I still love this photo below and it was taken with my 7D which has a smaller sensor than a full frame camera, and the 24-105mm lens.  It is the lens that makes the difference if you cannot afford a full frame camera body.

Newborn Photography

I hope this helps with your latest photography endeavors.

Don’t wait until you can afford the latest and greatest equipment.  Start before your ready.  It is the photographer that makes the photo great not the gear.

I started out with a Canon 10D.  I still keep additional used equipment on hand for traveling, training assistants, or loaning out to friends and family such as the Canon 50D and Canon SL1.

I also have a 24mm lens and 75-300mm lenses.  I just don’t use them as often anymore.

Remember: Practice Makes Perfect!

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Sweet Dreams