Photography is a real living time machine.    A portrait is your own personal journey into the past.  A photo album is your own Story, Science Fiction Novel, Comic Book, or Romance.  A photograph is evidence that time existed, life was lived, places were traveled, people were met, laughs were had, and adventures were experienced.

I am here to help you invent your time machine.  Capture history as you make it.  Create your own Storybook.

It is never too late to start your story.   Shall We Begin?

Hello!  I am Karrie Tardiff Knowles.  You can catch a peak of my story over on the Blog My Family Session

I am the mother of my three sons and live in the small country town of Preston, Connecticut.  I grew up in CT and went to school here since I was 5 years old.  I was born in the 70s at a Navy Hospital in Charleston, SC.  It wasn’t the most ideal situation given the times and there are no photos of me before three months old.  As soon as we started traveling to CT to see our family however, they made sure there was no shortage of photographs of me from then on out.

Photography became a huge part of my life as a child.  My family was very big on preserving history and capturing moments.  No matter what we were doing we always froze in time when my aunt came around with a camera.  Professional sittings were often scheduled with my uncle.  My grandfather had a dark room in his basement and showed slideshows on family nights.  Crafting and sharing albums was a favorite family past time. My grandmother’s favorite camera was the Polaroid of course.  She had to see our photos right away!

Taking the time to document our lives together has now created our history, a family legacy of heirlooms for generations to inherit.

I love and cherish these family moments, photographs, and albums so much that it has become my hope and dream that I can do the same for you and my community here in the small State of CT and throughout New England.  I wish that everyone has the opportunity to tell their story.  Why Not Start Yours Now!

As if I haven’t already dated myself I started taking photography classes so long ago that I had to develop them in a darkroom!  I have photographed over four hundred babies and children, over thirty weddings, as well as maternity sessions, families, high school students and events.  I enjoy working with you to find out your personality and style so that together we can create beautiful artwork to share with generations to come.

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Everything Vintage, Dreamy, and Romantic

The Ocean.  I have to see it even in the snow.

Flowers!!!  My favorite sessions are in the gardens.  My favorite flowers are Pink Roses

Farmhouses:  I even live in one! (YES TOTAL Fixer Upper Crush!)

Decorating:  Shabby Chic Farmhouse Style

Sweet Tooth:  Cookie & Icecream

**Whole Foods**  Yes I eat Vegan, Gluten Free and Organic!

Animals: I thought I was a dog person, I now have Two Cats Toffee & Sparkie that I love sooo much I couldn’t live without.

Traveling:  I recently traveled to London and Scotland, Greece, and Paris.

Where am I off to next? Photos to come of course!

TV:  The Middle. Heartland.  The Goldbergs.  Big Bang.  Young Sheldon. Fuller House.  (Clean and Corny Family TV).

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Karrie Tardiff Knowles has been a Professional Photographer for twelve years.  She started taking photography classes on film and developing them in a dark room.  She cherished photography as a hobby and favorite past time for fifteen years capturing everything from landscapes, animals, and her own children and friends.  During these years she made the transition from film to digital taking courses along the way learning how to shoot in manual, perfect lighting, develop artistic style and design, and studied business.

Karrie has studied Photography, Graphic Arts, Fine Art, and Business at Three Rivers Community College and The University of Connecticut.

Karrie had been published in the Norwich Magazine on several occasions.

Karrie Knowles is a member of the Professional Photographers of America Professional Photographers of America

Karrie is Partners with Basic Invite