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Pageant Winner Photo Session

Last year I had the privilege of traveling around the country as a digital nomad photographer. One of my stops included the deep woods of Maine where I photographed an amazing young lady and winner of the Miss Penobscot Valley Jr Teen Pageant, Kevlin Sky.  

The session very much reflected Ms. Sky’s love of the outdoors and her favorite past times of hiking, fishing, and camping. She has also been living a Vegan lifestyle for over two years, and has a deep passion and love for animals. 

Kevlin told me that she loves reading books and poetry because her education is very important to her. She is very active in her local community and runs the Free Clothing Closet in her town with the help of her school guidance counselor. 

Kevlin believes it is important to use her social media platform to promote body positivity, kindness, and an overall healthy living lifestyle.

Kevlin is truly a great example of young female empowerment, philanthropy, and community involvement. I wish her all the best in her future modeling endeavors and can’t wait to see what she does next.

Pageant Photography Session
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